Foulrice Park Racing


For those interested in becoming owners of racehorses there is inevitably a long list of questions which need to be answered. The website of the British Horseracing Authority has an excellent section on ownership which should deal with most of these.

Generally the questions relate to how to go about getting involved and what the costs of ownership are. The following are some comments and pointers from our perspective, in particular highlighting where Foulrice Park Racing may be able to help.

  1. The cost of purchasing a racehorse has a vast range from a few thousand pounds to a few hundred thousand pounds. However, it is possible to have fun racing at either end of the spectrum as long as the owner has realistic expectations. Foulrice Park Racing has extensive contacts with horse breeders and agents across the UK, Ireland and France and would be happy to help any potential owner to identify the right horse to fit their budget and their aspirations.
  2. The cost of keeping a horse in training is approximately £15,000 per annum (excluding VAT). The major fixed elements of the cost are training and gallop fees plus insurance which is based on a percentage of the value of the horse. In addition there will be other variable costs such as farriers’ fees, veterinary bills, race entry fees etc.
  3. To offset the costs there is the prospect of prize money. This has about the same range as the price of horses but will hopefully make a contribution. Helpfully there is also the more certain ability to recover VAT on most outlays through having the horse sponsored. Foulrice Park Racing Limited is able to sponsor the horses being trained in the yard, which enables the owner to recover VAT on horse purchases and training fees.
  4. Many people like to share their involvement in the sport by buying a horse in partnership with friends and family or through membership of a syndicate. This clearly lowers the investment required and offers a cheaper level of entry to ownership. Foulrice Park Racing is able to organise and administrate partnerships and syndicates on behalf of the members.

We would encourage anyone who is interested in finding out more about racehorse ownership to contact us directly and we will be happy to provide as much further information and assistance as we can.