Foulrice Park Racing

Horses for sale

We have spaces available in the yard for new horses and will always welcome new owners to the yard.

However, for anyone interested in becoming involved in racehorse ownership Foulrice Park Racing always has a number of self-owned horses in the yard which are available for sale or lease. Some of these will have already raced and have proven form while others may be well-bred youngsters which are in training and will be ready for the track shortly.

We realise that the decision to become involved in ownership is never taken lightly and we try to be as flexible as possible around ownership structures. Options include:

  • The outright sale of a horse to an individual, partnership or Racing Club where the new owner commits to keep the horse in training with the yard;
  • The part sale of a horse to an individual or partnership with the remainder remaining in the ownership of Foulrice Park Racing. This is generally subject to the new owner or partnership taking at least a 50% stake in the horse but from time to time we will have a syndicate option available which allows smaller participation stakes to be bought - usually as low as 2.5%;
  • Leasing a horse for a fixed period. This is a good lower cost option for an individual or group of friends dipping their toes into racehorse ownership for the first time. Under this arrangement the horse remains owned by the yard but the new owner pays the training fees and earns the owners’ prize money for the period of the lease. The significant capital outlay of purchasing the horse is therefore avoided. A number of our present owners have found this method a good introduction to direct involvement in racing.

If you would like any further information or would like to visit the yard to view the horses just give us a call or drop us an email.

Horses in the yard which are currently available for sale or lease include Buyer Beware, Captain Peaky, Musico, Reflation, Sir Domino and Stormbay Bomber.